Paywast Sponsors Kabul Debate Live Show for Channel 1 TV

Paywast has agreed to sponsor Kabul Debate Live shows of Channel 1 TV since May 2011 by providing free SMS for voting purposes to participants and viewers of the show.  Kabul Debate Live is one of the most popular TV shows in Afghanistan which addresses important economic, political and social issues in the country.  Under this partnership, Paywast provides SMS services for participants and viewers of KDL to perform voting on various issues debated on KDL.  This partnership will enable both entities to promote healthy debates among Afghan population and play an important role in enlightening the general public in Afghanistan.   During the program, participants send their responses to 729 which is Paywast short code in order to be tallied and sent to KDL for announcement.  The statistics of the vote tally is regularly announced at the end of the show.