Launch of SMS Notification Services for Bakhtar Banks Customers

In August 2011, Paywast signed an agreement with Bakhtar Bank to provide SMS notification to its customers for any deposit, withdrawal, credit and debit activities in their accounts.  Since then, the service has enabled Bakhtar bank customers to receive computer generated notifications on their cell phones immediately after any credit or debit takes place in their accounts.  This service provides an opportunity for customers to be aware of all recent activities in their accounts in real time and quickly react to and inform the bank of any unauthorized activities in their accounts.  For banks, the benefit will be manifested in the form of an increased public trust in their transparency and accountability vis-a-vis their customers.  This service is an added benefit by banks to their customers to provide them with the peace of mind.  With such notification, customers are assured that no activities in their accounts will go unnoticed.