Paywast Partners with Saba TV on Multiple Shows

Paywast signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Saba TV in July 2012. Based on this agreement, Paywast will help Saba TV to get people’s live feedback during its popular programs broadcast on a daily basis. Most of Saba TV programs are designed to create awareness on critical social issues including women and children rights and rights of persons with disabilities. Also, Saba TV showcases a series of important social, economic and political issues with expert analysis. During these shows, viewers will be offered an opportunity to express their opinions by choosing one of the multiple choice selections. In this partnership, Saba TV and Paywast will work together to assist viewers to successfully participate in the debate through sending SMS messages which will be shown live on the scroll tickers/news tickers of the TV network.
Through its interface with nearly all major Mobile Operators Networks, MNOs, Paywast will facilitate such SMS broadcast for the network from these MNOs subscribers via its short code 729. Meanwhile, at the end of each show, Paywast will provide Saba TV with a statistical tally of the votes cast on various sides of the issues discussed through a fully automatic system.