Paywast Signed an Agreement with Khurshid TV

Paywast signed an agreement with Khurshid TV in September 2012. According to this agreement, Paywast will help Khurshid TV to expand its popular shows directly to people’s homes and receive live feedback from its viewers and audience alike. Paywast will assist Khurshid TV viewers to send their views and feedback by sending SMS messages from their mobile phones to the network. These messages will be broadcast at the networks news ticker scroll while debate still goes on. The TV network may reflect upon some of those messages during the broadcast and ask questions from the panelists and discussants. In addition, Paywast work together with Khurshid TV to make the network’s debates and talk shows as lively and entertaining as possible by viewers’’ live participation. Many of these talk shows pose multiple choice questions to the audience in the hall as well as viewers at homes to make their views and perspectives known. At the end of each show, Paywast provides the network with a tally of the votes cast for and against the motion in each show.