Paywast Partnered with Zamzama Radio

Paywast signed a contract with Zamzama Radio on March 8th, 2014 in Kabul. Under the contract, Zamzama Radio will be using Paywast services in its “Pooladarak” and “Behtareen Ha” shows. Zamzama Radio is a private radio station, broadcasting on a single frequency 92.3 FM. It is a popular radio station among the younger generation. All of its shows, and in particular “Poolardark” and “Behtarin Ha”, are very popular. “Pooladarak” is a sport show that invites sportsmen and sportswomen which are chosen by the listeners by sending in their votes using the Paywast PayLive service.
“Behtareen Ha” or “The Best” is a new show that talks about the best individuals in various areas, such as sport, music, writing, painting and technology. Listeners choose “the best” by sending votes using Paywast PayLive service.
For the past several years Paywast services have been used by the media within Afghanistan and Paywast has had many contracts with radio and TV channels.