Paywast Signed a Contract with Salam Watandar Radio

Paywast signed several contracts with Salam Watandar radio in March 2014 in Kabul. Under the first contract Salam Watandar radio will use the Paywast PayAd service to send their advertising messages to their listeners. The second contract is to use Paywast Payam2 service and the third one is for use of Paywast PayLive service in their entertaining and sport shows such as “Taza ba Taza”, “Soroor Sobh” and “Lubi”. Salam Watandar radio is the second most listened to radio channel among young people after Arman “Tolo” radio which started its work in 2003. This radio station has political, social, cultural, entertainment and sport shows and is aired on 98.9 FM in Kabul and in 34 provinces through 60 local radio channels. Salam Watandar can be listened to via satellite or on their website