Paywast Signed a Mutual Contract with Sefat Lalzai Ltd.

Paywast signed a mutual contract with Sefat Lalzi Ltd. on May 4th, 2015 in Kabul. Based on this contract Sefat Lalzai Ltd. will use Paywast’s Payam 1 service to send messages and information about agricultural equipment to farmers and gardeners.

Sefat Lalzai Ltd. imports agricultural machinery and equipment to bring convenience for farmers. This company works in 4 zones including the capital.

The goal of this contract was the mutual work between Sefat Lalzai Ltd. and Paywast. Sefat Lalzai could send its messages to its customers and this contract will also increase Paywast’s customers.

Paywast’s Payam 1 service is a one way SMS service that the group owner can send his or her messages to only his/her group members. For instance, the owner can send news, ads, urgent notices, invitations, congratulation messages, and other important information to the group members. In Payam 1, members can only receive text messages and are not able to send any messages back.