Paywast mCurrency

BOL, the currency exchange rate application is Paywast’s recent innovation. It is the first currency exchange app in Afghanistan that provides real-time exchange rates between major global currencies. The word BOL comes from a circle of currency traders in Sarai Shahzada which sets the currency market rates in Afghanistan. BOL app was developed out of BOL SMS, the first mCurrency service provided by Paywast.

BOL rates are updated almost every minute during trading hours. BOL services are available in a mobile app for Android phones, which can be downloaded worldwide from and from the Google Play app store. Users can also register to BOL and get free Tazmeen vouchers to sign up on BOL subscription plans.

Users in Afghanistan can furthermore get the latest currency rates from the BOLSMS service by sending T to 729 from major mobile operators in Afghanistan. Currently BOL services are accessible via SMS and over 70,000 users across Afghanistan are using the service continuously.

BOL app enables users to get all the real-time exchange rates between AFN and USD, EUR, IRR, PKR, INR, AED, GBP, SAR and calculate between specific amounts instantly. BOL allows users to view graphs with the development in exchange rates over time and pull up tables with a full overview of all current exchange rates. BOL users can save time and money by using BOL App instead of making a phone call every time they need to know the rates. Further information can be found on BOL website

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BOL SMS Service

Paywast provides a fast track and reliable solution for banks, money exchange dealers, money service providers, traders involved in export-import activities and business community in general by making currencies exchange rates available during business hours (8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.) six days a week. Paywast collects data from the market, warehouse and analyzes the data in real time and makes the most accurate exchange rates available to the market at short intervals. Each new rate is reflective of the most recent changes in the currency markets in the country. News agencies, radios, TV channels, newspapers, banks, Money Exchange Dealers and other public or private agencies concerned with currencies can get Paywast currency rates automatically. Others cans simply send SMS to Paywast and get the latest rates.
To get currency rates, simply go to your mobile Message Screen, type T and send it to 729; you would get the latest exchange rates information on your mobile without bothering yourselves to go to a currency market or call a Money Exchange Dealer.