Other Services


Payam SmarTrav, one of Paywast most popular products for businesses, offers a fast and simple solution to airlines, airport authorities and travel agencies to alert passengers of any changes in flight schedules, flight patterns, inclement weather conditions, airport emergencies and so on. Using Payam SmarTrav, airlines can send bulk SMS to all of their passengers just by a click of ‘Send Button’ and inform them of any changes in flight schedules, cancellations, emergencies, airport closures, etc.

SmarTrav will help airlines and travel agencies to avoid unnecessary congestions, passengers’ inconvenience and risking their reputation as a result of their failure to pre-inform passengers ahead of any such events. Airlines and travel agencies can use SmarTrav even during normal times to inform passengers that their flights will be on time. They should be alerted to be present at the airport sufficiently in advance of their flights especially during international flights.


The real world is not always ideal. There are individuals and groups whose incomes are derived from fraud, duplication and counterfeiting. To prevent fraud and use of counterfeit products, Paywast has a solution to users, retailers and dealers of major name brand products in Afghanistan. You can send Vendor Identification Number (VIN) of any products from major brand names in Afghanistan to 729 short code and get confirmation right away from relevant companies whether the VIN is real or counterfeit. This would prevent criminals from duplicating and counterfeiting name brand products in Afghanistan. Representative offices and dealerships of major name brand products in Afghanistan such as automobile companies, computers retailers, pharmaceuticals, cell phones, TV and electronics dealers, etc. should use Paywast solution to prevent fraud and misuse of their companies’ products. Companies that sign contracts with Paywast would be automatically connected to Paywast database. Customers of such companies can get confirmation of the authenticity of their products VIN by simply typing the VIN number and sending it to 729. For more information, please contact your Paywast customer representatives at: 707 729 729 or 789 729 729 or log on to: www.paywast.af/contact