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Paywast offers polling services for TV stations, radios, survey firms and other government and non-government agencies concerned with public opinion polls. Some TV channels have already started benefiting from Paywast Poll facility. Paywast Polls will enable Radio and TV stations to encourage their viewers to participate in healthy debates by expressing their opinions on important social, economic and political issues. To get a trend of public opinions on all sides of an issue, viewers and participants in the shows participate in polls by using their mobile phones and sending SMS to Paywast short code 729. Also, TV stations may partner with Paywast to promote their quiz shows or their music competition shows and mobilize public voting for their candidates.

Afghanistan’s largest nationwide elections surveys done with SMS

With the Afghan presidential elections only a month away, it is more important than ever to ensure an open democratic process across society, and to enable Afghan citizens to raise their voices and use their constitutionally protected freedom of speech. 

Paywast, through our SMS-based social networking platform, reach out to more than 1.6 million Afghans, from Urban centres to remote villages. We have for more than 3 years provided a channel for Afghans to share, communicate and speak up about topics that interest them and are important to them.

For the 2014 elections Paywast is conducting a number of surveys among our vast base of users. Leading up to Election Day, we will be send SMS-based questionnaires, asking citizens if they have registered to vote, whether they think voting is safe, and if they have received sufficient information to register to vote, and to make an informed decision on who to vote for. This, along with demographics data – gender and location – will be shared with media, elections organizations and other interested stakeholders.

Previously, Paywast has helped organizations, governments and the private sector to conduct SMS-based surveys and polls among groups of Paywast users. This is an efficient method of collecting information reliably, and to reach out to the remotest corners of the country without the need to deploy field workers to collect data. This allows us to conduct and analyze surveys in a short amount of time, and to quickly turn numbers and statistics into decision and action.

From February 26 to February 28 we conducted the first round of surveys, which yielded a sample size of more than 7,000 respondents from all over the country. We are excited to attach a document here with the initial findings from the survey. Additional findings will be shared with interested parties, and will be uploaded to the Paywast website and social media channels, on an ongoing basis.

For further information, and to receive the full dataset, please contact us directly. Paywast shares anonymous comments from survey respondents on @AFSpeaks on Twitter. Furthermore, we are on March 10 launching a website where anybody can search freely among the collected survey results.

Initial findings can be downloaded here.
For Paywast election site click here.

For information, contact:

Jes Kaliebe Petersen