Paywast Products and Services

Paywast offers a variety of products and services tailored towards the needs of individuals, families, private and public organizations. These services include Paywast, Payam and Payad.  Paywast is a social networking service designed to bring individuals, friends and family members together. However, Payam services are designed to address mostly the needs of small, medium and large size organizations to reach out to their customers, members and affiliates regularly.  Payad, however, has been designed to suit large customer based organizations to send mass media alerts to their customers and members or to general population at large. Each of these services has sub-categories to address the specific requirements of a plethora of business organizations, NGOs, civil societies, and other public and private agencies.
Moreover, each of these services is divided into sub groups, for example, Paywast services are divided into four more categories, such as Rayagaan, Arzaan, Ferawaan, Bekeraan and Barayee Tu. Simultaneously, Paywast services are recognized as Paywast Private Groups, Paywast Public Groups, Paywast One Way Groups and Paywast Two Way Groups.
Similarly, Payam has three sub-categories of services, such as Payam1, Payam2 and Payam3.  Each sub-category has its own distinct characteristics and adaptability features.