How do you stay in touch with your members, employees or customers if you are a large organization with hundreds and possibly thousands of employees nationwide? Do you contact them the old way (letters or telephone) or do you want to get in touch with them instantly through SMS? All three means of communications practiced in Afghanistan (letters emails, and telephone) have their own challenges and limitations. Though email is one of the most modern and fast means of communication in today’s world, less than five percent of the population has access to email in the entire country. On the contrary, more than 60% of the population has access to a cell phone. Payam offers an easy access for you and your marketing team to stay in touch and communicate with your target audience through SMS. Payam will allow you to connect with your employees, customers and members whether you are at home or on the go.

Payam has been designed for small, medium and large organizations whether public or private, commercial oriented or concerned with social welfare. Organizations, municipalities, large business enterprises, universities, microfinance institutions, banks, civil societies, airlines and emergency management agencies are the ones to benefit the most from Payam group services. If you are an organization with more than fifty staff, Payam is the best option for you to use as Paywast services cannot allow more than fifty members. Utilizing Payam is the fastest and least costly method of reaching as many members of your organization as you desire by sending one single SMS.  This is highly critical during emergencies.  Airlines can send SMS messages to all of their customers to announce a flight cancellation or delay. Banks can send SMS messages to all of their account holders to inform them about their new products and services and also how to use on-line banking, mobile banking or switch from one product to another. Similarly, universities will be able to inform all of their students of any change in Semesters schedules, winter vacation or a proposed convocation program. For more information about Payam, please watch the following video clip presentation.

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