SMS Services for TV and Radio

Live SMS Music Requests
There are a large number of music shows on air each day, on radio and TV – many of them are live broadcast. Improve your live music shows by accepting music requests on SMS from your viewers or listeners. Music requests can be premium charged to generate revenue share for the station.

Live SMS Chat
Do you have idle TV air in the late or early hours of the day?
Looking for a way to fill it out and monetize it with little or no up front investment? Live SMS Chat is an efficient way to do it. Live SMS Chat can be fully automated, and requires only a minimum of human involvement. All you need to do is promote it, and you will start to make revenues from your slow hours.

Live SMS Voting
Which opinion is better than the one of your audience? Do you have a talent show, a talk show, a live debate or other shows that can benefit from the opinion from your listeners or viewers? Allow them to be part of it by offering live SMS voting. If your show is on TV, the voting results can be presented on the screen, in your own graphics, with real time results.

Live SMS Breaking News
The broadcast market is more competitive than ever before. You are fighting to gain the loyalty of your viewers and listeners. Once you have it, you need to keep it. Breaking news on SMS can help you reach out to your audience as often as you like, offering relevant information. When people subscribe to your breaking news service, they will keep getting reminded of your station every time they get your news SMS.

Live SMS Audience Feedback
Reporters and researchers work hard to create content for your TV or radio station. But who better to add value than your audience? Make your shows come alive by inviting listeners and viewers to send their feedback, opinions and questions by SMS, directly to the show. Messages from audience can be evaluated and included by the producer or show host, or displayed directly on the screen.

Live SMS Talent Shows
If any single content format has shaped the broadcast entertainment market in the last decade – it’s talent shows. Internationally, a number of franchises have been very successful – and one of the reasons for this is audience participation. Allowing your viewers to vote in your talent show is a must. It creates a sense of affiliation between the participant and the viewer, and it is an efficient way for the broadcaster to generate revenues.

Live SMS Hit Lists
If your radio or TV station is focusing on entertainment, music is probably an important element in your programming. Whether it’s local, regional or international music, making and maintaining music charts and hit lists generates excitement and loyalty. Let your audience decide the weekly hit list by voting through SMS. The hit list will be ranked based on votes for the current popular music.

Live SMS News Tips
You don’t have reporters in all corners of the country? No problem! Your audience can be your most important journalists, by sharing news tips with you, through SMS and phone calls. News tips from audience can boost your news coverage, and is a valuable activity to help you reach out geographically where you have not previously been able to.

Live SMS Sports Updates
When you cover a live sports event, you want to get the results as well as the analysis of the game out to your audience as quickly as possible. What if you could send out the latest sports results to your audience on SMS, in near real-time? Allow your listeners and viewers to sign up for a sports update for their preferred sports, and send them the latest results from games and matches around the world.

Live SMS Events
Looking to make your live events interactive? Use mobile to engage your visitors and share their thoughts through SMS. Display your visitors’ messages on TVs or projector screens, and stream them directly on TV, radio and social media. This will add a new dimension to your live events, and can be used to generate loyalty and increase visitor satisfaction.

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