Policies, Terms and Conditions

Paywast is a social networking service platform with the aim of making SMS widely available to its members, users and subscribers. Paywast core mission is to use SMS as a means of sharing ideas and spreading knowledge and information among the people of Afghanistan. Paywast reaffirms its policy of non-violent use of its services, political neutrality, the rule of law, non-violation of any other individual or entity’s rights and avoidance of causing harm to others. To use Paywast services, users must adhere to following rules and guiding principles:
  1. Users shall not violate any law, regulation or any other individual or entity’ rights and privileges or expose Paywast or its assignees, affiliates, successors or its customers to any harm(s) including but not limited to that of legal liability, personal safety and abuse of the system.
  2. Users shall avoid using Paywast services as a launch pad to attack other individuals or groups’ integrity and reputation or cause harm to entities good standing including credit worthiness, financial stability and operational soundness.
  3. Paywast service platform shall not be used for distribution of any information or content or referencing to any information or content that falls under the following categories:
    a. Illegal content or promotion of illegal activities including but not limited to, drug trafficking, financing of terrorism, acts of violence, sale of arms and ammunitions, prostitution, conspiracy against the state, armed robbery, kidnapping and any other activities considered unlawful under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, international laws and the United  Nations conventions and protocols to which Afghanistan is a party.
    b. Obscene language, erotic materials, sexual language and pornographic images.
    c.  Infringement of any third parties rights including but not limited to unauthorized use of copyright, patent or intellectual properties.
    d. Hateful and defamatory comments against any political, ethnic or social groups including but not limited to comments which incites violence.
  4. Users shall abide by all Paywast rules, policies, terms and conditions before signing up for any Paywast service packages or their derivatives. Any users who subscribe to any Paywast products (Paywast, Payam and Payad or their derivatives) is understood to have read Paywast policies, terms and conditions and have fully understood them.
  5. Users’ sign up to Paywast system constitutes an agreement to use Paywast products and services and their derivatives. No separate agreement is signed with individual users and subscribers.
  6. Users are solely responsible for any cost incurred by the usage of a service whether they use their mobile phones or anybody else in their families and groups. Paywast is not responsible for any unauthorized use of a member’s cell phone under any circumstances. However, if Paywast receives a notice within twenty four hours of a lost or stolen SIM card or a cell phone, Paywast shall, as soon as possible, attempt to block the usage of the SMS service only. For blocking voice calls and other services, users must contact their Mobile Network Operators. This does not mean any guarantee of non-usage of the service during the time that the SIM card or cell phone is lost or stolen.
  7. Paywast users and subscribers shall fully understand that Paywast service packages are discount prices and intended for continued and regular use of groups that sign up for the package for a specified period of time. Those who do not sign up for such plans are not illegible for such discounted prices and may pay for their use of the service at normal rates. Similarly those users who exceed their plan limits will also be subject to normal charges beyond their plan limit.
  8. Paywast shall be solely responsible for the management and provisioning of the service as may be described in its manual which may be updated from time to time.
  9. Paywast or any of its associate enterprises, successors, assignees or any of its employees or representatives shall not be held responsible for any action, inaction or misuse of its services or products or their derivatives by its users and subscribers that causes harms to others whether the harm is of verbal, physical or financial nature.
  10. Users shall understand that Paywast products and services are intended for promotion of information sharing and connecting individuals and groups together for useful interactions and positive social and economic activities. Therefore, they must avoid using Paywast products, services and their derivatives for any other purposes contravening to these principles including, but not limited to, sending libel, slander, threatening, bullying, stalking and other unsolicited messages that cause undesirable feelings and pains for others.
  11. Paywast re-affirms its commitment to strictly adhere to protecting users privacy at all times. Paywast shall not disclose any private or confidential information of its users stored in its databases for any purposes except required by law or subpoenaed by competent law enforcement agencies or judicial authorities of the country.
  12. Paywast shall not be held responsible for any disclosure of confidential information of one user by another user(s) using Paywast service platform. Those users and subscribers must understand that they are directly responsible for their action(s) before a court of law if challenged by their affected victims. Users and subscribers are strongly advised to protect their personal and confidential information at all times and do not share it with individuals or groups that they do not trust. Users and subscriber shall indemnify and hold Paywast harmless against any claim, loss and liability arising out of disclosure of any private and confidential information by other users of Paywast services, products and their derivatives whether the disclosure occurred deliberately or by accident.
  13. Paywast reserves the right to terminate its services to any user(s) and subscriber(s) if it finds any misuse of Paywast services by such user(s) and subscriber(s) or if it receives credible and verifiable complaints of such misuse of the services by such user(s) and subscriber(s).
  14. Paywast reserves the right to terminate any group at any time, or ban any individual or institutional user(s) temporarily or permanently at any time, for any violation(s) of its policies, terms and conditions of use of Paywast services and products with or without notice.
  15. Apart from discontinuation of service, Paywast reserves the right to legally challenge any individual(s) or group(s) who use Paywast products and services or their derivatives for malicious purposes to harm Paywast or its users and subscribers.
  16. From time to time, Paywast may change or modify any or all of its policies, terms and conditions at its full discretion without notice. Users and subscribers are assumed to have read and fully understood these changes whenever they occur.